Olivia Giglia

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chicago native with loud blood.


      I am a storyteller. Whether it’s describing a routine trip to the grocery store or recounting a ridiculous memory, I love sharing my experiences with others. My goal is always the same regardless of being around the dinner table or working on set; to make people feel something. Double over with laughter. Stiffen in anticipation. Grimace with pain. Sigh with happiness. 

     Now I hope to help others share their stories with the world. With a creative eye and the ability to multi-task while keeping projects organized and on track, I am eager to join a team where I can put my talents to use; where I will be challenged and have the opportunity to challenge those around me. 


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                  hustle::         Content Producer
                  read::            Mindful Work by David Gelles
                  wear::           Declawed                   
                  obsession::    Peanut Butter Waffles
                  dream::         Brooklyn     


creative direction  -  video production  -  event coordination


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